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Following an education in art - Oxford, London and New York – “Legs” Larry Smith became a founder member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – immersing himself in music, performance and the hedonistic delights of a ‘life-on-the-road’.

Trundling, touring and recording through the 70’s with Sir Elton John, Eric Clapton, John Cale and an appearance or two with The Beatles.

George Harrison and Larry became the best of friends – in fact, George wrote a song about him: ‘His Name is “Legs” (Ladies & Gentlemen) and Larry has now written his song for him: ‘Oh, Keoki’ (Keoki being ‘George’ in Hawaiian). A place that held fond memories for both of them.

They sang together when Larry sang the title track on one of George’s Handmade films:
‘BULLSHOT’ – and George was on backing vocals.

The Bonzos hooked up again a few years back and toured England with their (adoring fans) Stephen Fry, Ade Edmondson, Paul Merton, Phil Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Indeed, Ade was once heard to remark:

“I can’t f**king well believe it – I’m onstage with my f**king heroes – ‘the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’.”

However Larry has continued to create artworks and has now ‘gone digital’ – (flinging his paintbrush and palette out of the bedroom window) he currently wanders around one of his giant computers -
and marvels at what he has discovered.

“I can’t f**king well believe it – I’m wandering about, inside one of my f**king heroes – ‘the computer!"

He appears every morning with your breakfast cereal and very occasionally with ‘3 Bonzos and a Piano’ - he is seriously getting involved with a new band: ‘Los BARKUS’ – a ‘divinely funky outfit that rocks!’ – and predicts: ‘great and wondrous things’ from them.

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